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    Detailed below is the policy by which we collect, use, and protect your personal information.

    【Use of Information】
    1)Reading and answering inquiries.
    2)Sending requested documents
    3)Performing your requested services
    4)Sending you information about our services

    【Sharing of Information with Third Parties】
    We do not share your personal information without your consent in cases other than when it is required by law.

    【Entrustment of Personal Information】
    To provide you with the best services available, we outsource some of our operations to partner companies. In some cases, these partner companies will have access to your personal information in order to perform their duties. We select partner companies who handle personal information appropriately, and include in our contracts with them sections to establish proper management and protection practices to ensure your data is safe.

    【The Necessity of Providing Us with Your Information】
    Providing us with your personal information is optional. However, please understand that there are cases where we cannot respond to inquiries or provide services without the information which we request.
    【Demanding for Your Personal Information Disclosure】
    You have the right to demand for confirmation, editing, adding and deleting of your personal information on our databases, or to be communicated of its purpose of use, as well as the right to demand its purging from our databases and the cessation of its sharing with third parties. For more details, please refer to Privacy Policy.

    Please note that this is a translation of the official Japanese privacy agreement created for accessibility purposes, and that in all cases the Japanese wordings will take precedent..

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