Our native staff do not just speak the language, but also love the culture. Being experts in the field both personally and professionally, we understand the Japanese video game audience because we are part of it.

The localization team considers all aspects of a game in detail in order to give it the best treatment possible when it comes to expressing it to a new audience. With everything from localization prior to release, to user support outside language service, you can trust us to do right by your game and its players.

Game Operation

Under the “Game Operation” umbrella fall many sub-fields from event planning to user support, each requiring their own specialized knowledge and experience.
Over the years, we have worked with clients who have various concerns such as “We want to increase the overall quality of management,” or “We need more manpower in the project”. Utilizing the know-how and practical experience we’ve accumulated in the industry, Wit One offers a wide array of support services for the diverse field of game management.

Customer Support

The quality of user support is directly linked to a game’s reputation, and, by extension, the public face of management itself.
Across over 15 years of providing our “Game Support!”, we’ve managed all manner of bugs, errors, mishaps and more with our characteristic flexible and open-minded approach to problem solving. Wit One’s Game Support! service’s heart is composed of our diverse, compassionate, and capable staff members, so you can rest easy knowing your players are in good hands.

Open Source Intelligence

When there are new events, bugs, or other happenings going on in-game, players will take to various Social Media channels to talk about it. We monitor these posts and comments surrounding your game as part of our Game Support! service, and use them to form player opinion snapshots, feedback reports, and suggestions for improvement.