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Under the “Game Operation” umbrella fall many sub-fields from event planning to user support, each requiring their own specialized knowledge and experience. Over the years, we have worked with clients who have various concerns such as “We want to increase the overall quality of management,” or “We need more manpower in the project”. Utilizing the know-how and practical experience we’ve accumulated in the industry, Wit One offers a wide array of support services for the diverse field of game management.

Offered Services

Direction & Planning

We can provide event planning and design, monetization cycle settings, and ongoing general refinement.
We can also provide flexible services such as scheduling for meetings and negotiation between publishers and developers leading up to release, setting KPI targets, and act as an intermediary between all parties involved with development. 
Upon your request, we can also have our staff work on location with you to allow for greater communication and flexibility.

Game Assessment

We can evaluate a game’s post-launch or current build and produce a review quantifying its quality, as well as summaries of potential issues and proposals for improvement. Our reports include specific, practical information and suggestions which can be applied directly into your solutions.

Art Direction

We can manage all aspects of issuing illustration from the initial abstract and guidelines to ongoing direction, all the way to the final product. In the case of copyrighted titles, our staff well-acquainted with the IP carefully check the issued illustrations to ensure that they are faithful in all aspects including coloring, design, posing, setting, even as far as mood and atmosphere of the original.

KPI Analysis

By first setting profit-related KPIs and KGIs, we can then identify where they overlap with player behaviour and use that information as a basis to form effective event strategies, as well as propose gameplay mechanic and feature improvements.

Management and Utilization of Official Content

We are able to operate the game’s official site, SNS, and Wiki in your stead. We can also propose posts, articles, and more based on what kind of content users want to see.
Official Site ManagementUpdating the Official Game Site’s Notices, FAQ, and Help sections.
Official SNS UtilizationExpanding engagement through Official SNS posts and replies.
Wiki ManagementPosting and updating the game’s Wiki articles and surveilling comments for user opinions.

Entrusted Management Full Support Plan

You can even entrust game management to us entirely. With our comprehensive support service, we can take care of absolutely everything from running events, to planning new content, to full user support.
Our abundantly experienced staff can support a title’s growth and development not only from the position of game management, but also from the viewpoint and desires of the players. We examine the effects of and reactions to factors such as events and policies from all angles and apply that information in plans and strategies to facilitate the project’s success.  We can do as little or as much as you want, in whichever shape or form you need; that’s the heart of our “Game Support!” service.

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