Heart-Capturing Localization and Game Support

A localization that effectively communicates your game’s appeal is the key to success when expanding into an overseas market.

Our native staff do not just speak the language, but also love the culture. Being experts in the field both personally and professionally, we understand the Japanese video game audience because we are part of it.

The localization team considers all aspects of a game in detail in order to give it the best treatment possible when it comes to expressing it to a new audience. With everything from localization prior to release, to user support outside language service, you can trust us to do right by your game and its players.

Supported Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Thai and Japanese.
*Please feel free to consult with us regarding other languages.

Offered Services

Localization (Culturization)

Native staff who are well-versed in the local region’s gaming culture can help simulate your game’s philosophy and setting in natural and empathetic translations.
Our work is characterized by extremely high quality and accurate translations with a scrupulous double-checking system.
Not only do we localize Japanese content for foreign languages, but we also localize into Japanese as well, so please consult us for inbound projects.


We check translations performed by third parties to ensure that the translations fit the game’s philosophy, and if the language used is appropriate for the target audience and in-game setting among other factors. We propose natural expressions for users’ local regions that immerse players in the game’s world instead of leaving them puzzled with unnatural word-for-word translations. Along with the content of the text itself, we also ensure that its in-game display and spacing on its platform device is appropriate.

Game Reviews

Our native staff who have a wealth of gameplay experience in Japan and overseas play and review games. They evaluate not only in-game content like story and character settings, but also crucial background factors affecting gameplay such as UI friendliness and tutorial playability to improve the game’s success. Reports will be delivered in your desired language, or if you would like a more personal touch to your review you may organize interviews with the reviewers themselves.

Multi-Language Mail Support

There are also different preferred user support styles between Japan and overseas. Using the know-how we have accumulated in over many years in the gaming industry, we can provide optimal support that understands both the user and business perspectives. We also create and translate support templates, and can escalate in multiple languages.

Any inquiries may be directed here.


 Phone Reception Hours: Weekdays from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM JST