Instantly Grasp Social Media Users' Tendencies

When there are new events, bugs, or other happenings going on in-game, players will take to various Social Media channels to talk about it. We monitor these posts and comments surrounding your game as part of our Game Support! service, and use them to form player opinion snapshots, feedback reports, and suggestions for improvement.

Offered Services

Post Monitoring and Inspection

We perform monitoring services on game-related comments 24/7/365 for you to grasp customer trends.

Constant monitoring makes it possible for us to detect bugs early, and provide feedback on user responses towards game events and updates.

Focused SNS (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, 5Channel, LOBI, etc.)
Supported Languages: Japanese, English, French, German, Korean, Traditional Chinese.

 General Monitoring

We monitor comments on Social Media regularly used by players such as 5channel, Reddit, and Twitter, and send summarized reports of the prevailing opinions. Frequency of monitoring can also be customized to your liking.

 Post-Update & Post-Maintenance Monitoring

As there is a high possibility of bugs occurring after updates, and players are more active in these situations, we monitor Social Media activity more frequently than usual during post-update and maintenance periods.

 App Performance Monitoring

We check to see if logins and Gacha charges are applied correctly and if quests are successfully attained.

 Incoming Alert Monitoring

We receive alerts regarding in-game bugs and errors from our monitoring system. Our response to these alerts is based on their urgency, and we can inform you immediately via phone call in cases of high severity.

Incoming Inquiry Monitoring

We monitor reports and inquiries from players through our mail support system and investigate claims regarding errors and bugs. We can inform you immediately via phone call in cases of high severity.

Bug Reports (Emergency)In the event of high-urgency comments regarding a significant malfunction or bug hindering game progression, an urgent phone call will be made to inform you of the situation.
Bug Reports (Minor) Low urgency comments are submitted in daily reports.
Opinions & Requests Summary Compiled player request and opinion comments are reported daily and monthly.
Bug Report VerificationWe use different devices and platforms to reproduce and confirm bugs reported by players. We can also check post-maintenance login performance and perform test microtransactions.

Social Listening

There is a strong bias in inquiries made by players to game companies to be reports and complaints regarding content or bugs, and less than 10% of users will actually communicate their opinions and needs regarding gameplay. We collect and analyze posts and comments on social media and forums in order to extract the underlying “player’s voice”. With this we are able to communicate to you the true sentiment and needs of the playerbase which are difficult to grasp from individual inquiries alone.
Comment Collection We collect comments on Social Media and forums containing target content relevant to your requests. You can discuss with us what kind of content we should collect, from where, and how often.
Comment AnalysisWe analyze the collected comments and form an overview of customers’ trends in topics discussed and opinions about game content.
Compiled Summary ReportAfter using all aspects of our open source intelligence and analysis, we can form a holistic understanding of your playerbase’s opinions and needs, and then use that information to provide you with proposals for general game direction, specific content, and overall improvement.

Any inquiries may be directed here.


 Phone Reception Hours: Weekdays from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM JST