Customer Service

Customer Service
User Testing & Reviews
Market Analysis

Customer support is centered around direct communication with a service’s users, and is therefore a representation of how well the service is managed. Here at Wit One, with our 15+ year-experience, we know how to approach a wide range of customer-support-related scenarios, from bug reports to complaints, and more. You can rest assured that our team of professional, members, who are able to handle inquiries in multiple languages, can swiftly resolve any issues that may arise and with the utmost care.

Email Support

Unparalleled in Quality, Cost, and Delivery

We strive to resolve issues quickly and efficiently while providing clear communication to users. Our prompt responses and clear resolutions are sure to increase user satisfaction.

Post Monitoring/Review

Live Monitoring by Experienced Staff

We offer monitoring for social media platforms in multiple languages, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This includes finding posts from users describing issues and providing an immediate response.

Social Listening

Precise and Detailed Analytics

We are able to gather user feedback across multiple social media platforms that can be used to inform future developmental decisions. This feedback can be collected and organized into a comprehensive report to give you the information you need.

CS Management Consulting

Providing Expert Knowledge

Our highly experienced supervisors are able to create a highly competent customer support team by selecting the most suitable candidates and cultivating their talents via the creation of support policies, workflow concepts, and operator training manuals, ensuring a first-rate performance year-round.

Stagnating sales, drops in DAU, and trouble keeping track of numbers are only three of many concerns that arise when managing applications.

Here at Wit One, these are only minor issues that can be tackled easily thanks to the wealth of knowledge we’ve gained over years from our analysis of multiple case studies. Rely on our expertise, and rest assured that we will provide ideal solutions to any problems you might be facing.

User Tests

Giving a Voice to Everyone

Wit One is also well versed in playtesting and conducting surveys involving up to hundreds of people. You can count on us for all your questionnaire and survey-related needs.


Connecting Players to Developers

We at Wit One unique review service. By assembling reviewers that best match the potential target market, we conduct analysis based on playtesting and present improvement plans. We assist our clients at each and every step, be it management or development, from the concept stage to product release, and beyond. Our goal is to propose the most suitable investigative survey according to the objective of the analysis.

Our research service offers in-depth market analysis for a wide range of titles in various stages of development. This includes titles still in the development phase to titles currently in service, and also factors in gender, nationality, age, pricing, and more.
This enables us to gain comprehensive understanding of the target product so that we can determine its strengths with pinpoint accuracy.

Market Analysis

Knowledge Made Easier

Our services encompass everything, from examining a project right from the conceptual stage, analyzing the competition during the planning stage, researching the most optimal PR strategies during the promotion stage, determining reception after launch, and more.

Questionnaire Survey

Efficient Solutions for Positive Cost-Performance

While we focus mainly on open-source intelligence, we also offer data collection via questionnaires, allowing you to receive more relevant, actionable feedback.