Wit One is always looking for new talent, even outside of standard graduation cycles.
We accept applications from anyone looking to help make games more fun while working in an environment that promotes personal growth and individuality.

We are looking forward to meeting new talented individuals who can share in the joy of supporting our clients with anything they need.

Working Environment


We respect our staff’s need to maintain a good work-life balance,
and provide an environment that encourages being true to oneself.

Mid-Career Recruitment

Build Success While Doing What You Love

Our strong relations with major companies in the gaming and entertainment industry provide many opportunities to be involved in globally successful titles and franchises.

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Freelance Opportunities

Your Ideal Project and Income

We also welcome individuals looking to work freelance via digital platforms favored within the gaming industry. In order to support a variety of working styles, we strive to match freelancers with projects they will be successful in.

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