Sharing our Passion for Games with the World

We aim to share what we love the most about games with the rest of the world, constantly approaching new challenges with a positive attitude.


Contributing to the Growth of the Gaming Industry

Our high-quality game development and operating services aid our customers to grow alongside us. With our know-how and skills, your game is guaranteed to become the next hit title.


Grow Your Career and Employment Value with Us

Our value as professionals resides in how well we can meet the needs of the industry. Having mastered the key aspects of our work, we strive daily to increase this value by polishing our existing skills and acquiring new ones.


Wit One owes its success to the support we receive from our clients. Their trust in us is our driving force—exceeding their expectations is our main objective and the reason we strive day by day to offer even higher quality services.

We constantly challenge ourselves and focus our efforts in finding out how we can meet our clients’ needs, because their satisfaction isn’t just a source of joy to us, it’s our main motivation.

Our greatest asset in this endeavor is right in our company name—our wit, the creativity we infuse into every project we work on, the ingenuity that gives it that special touch.

At Wit One, we have a core belief in a stress-free, relaxed, and friendly work environment. It’s what makes us stand aside from the rest—and what will make you stand aside from the rest too, should you choose us.

Wit One, Inc.


Tomohiro Fujiwara


Company Name
Wit One, Inc.
Tomohiro Fujiwara
December 14th, 2017
Tōyō Ekimae Building 11F
Tōyō 2-2-20, Kōtō Ward, Tokyo 135-0016
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Capital Stock
50 million yen (as of June 30, 2022)
Number of Employees
304 (as of June 30, 2022)
Business Projects
Game Operation Support
User Support
Online Game Customer Support
Community Site Planning / Site Management
Temporary Staffing
Business Permit
General Labor Dispatch Services(派13-311959)
Fee-Charging Employment Placement Business(13-ユ-313786)
NJ Holdings Inc. (TSE Standard・Code 9421)
Affiliated firm
Wit One, Inc. Okinawa link

Affiliated firm

Company Name
Wit One, Inc. Okinawa
Business Projects
Social Media Operations & Support
E-Mail Support
Debugging & QA
Marketing & Consulting
Event Planning & PR
Temporary Staffing

Company History

Dec. 2017.
Oct. 2018
Inherits game operations support service business from ISAO, Corp.
July 2019
Expands operations to the office space on the 7th floor of Sumitomo Fudōsan Shibakōen First Bldg.
Sept. 2019
Assigned all business operations from BOOM Corp.
Nov. 2019
Absorbs and merges with NJ One Corp.
July 2021
Moves locations to the 11th floor of Tōyō Ekimae Bldg.


NJ holdings

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