Localization (Culturalization)

We have localized in-game text, notices, social media/PR related content, website articles, as well as non-game-related text.

Linguistic Quality Assurance

We have performed LQA for various different purposes, including jobs for console and PC games.

Art Direction
UI/UX Design

We have experience in a diverse range of design-related work, including creating U/UX designs, 2D/3D models and backgrounds, with animation, creating banners, and directing too.

Email Support
Post Monitoring/Review
Social Listening
CS Management Consulting

We offer a wide array of support services, including primary and secondary correspondence for overseas customer support, social media account management, game event management, and more.

Contracted Development
Personnel Dispatch
Direction, Planning & Content Operation
KPI Analysis

We have experience in dispatching our developers, management planning, KPI creation and refinement, as well as other work related to IP overseeing and NFTs.